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Back in 1969, the Lambert family moved from busy Indianapolis, Indiana to the quiet north woods of Hayward, Wisconsin to operate the Blue Spruce Resort, which was located on the north shore of Grindstone Lake.  Through the 70’s and the 80’s, the family owned and operated several local businesses in the Hayward area; many of which were associated with the tourism industry.  20 years after the big move north, the Lambert family opened Hidden Bay Graphics to supply many of the local resorts and businesses with quality apparel. 
Small at first, the business grew steady and soon outgrew their original downtown Hayward location.  In 1999, they relocated to our current location within walking distance of downtown Hayward.  They continue to upgrade and improve our products with the addition of the latest designs and state of the art equipment.  Many cyclist and skiers from the Minnesota and Wisconsin area remember Speedy Recovery.  This active apparel company was started by Dottie and Preston Morrel in Minneapolis and later moved the business to Cable, Wisconsin.  Due to the untimely death of both Dottie and Preston, Hidden Bay Graphics purchased the assets from the estate and renamed it Hidden Bay Sports. 
Hidden Bay Sports moved fast to develop a high quality product line and went from a small local business to one that supplies apparel to quiet sports enthusiasts all over the United States and other countries.  HBS continued to design and produce technical apparel and accessories for the cycling, triathlon, running and nordic skiing market. 

At the beginning of 2020 Hidden Bay Sports was merged with Screen Graphics Uniform Connection of Superior Wisconsin. We continue to carry the same quality products and provide the same excellent customer service. 20 years ago, Hidden Bay started with a simple motto.  Supply our customers with quality products for a fair price while giving them superior customer service.  If you like our mission statement, we encourage you to come along for the ride.

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