Thank you for choosing Hidden Bay Graphics for your Custom Sports Apparel. We have the ability to design and create state of the art sports apparel that will be perfect whether you are outfitting a small team or a large event. We have specialized in Sports Apparel for over 18 years, and are continually moving forward with technologies and products. 

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Team Store FAQ
  • How much does it cost to open a online team store for my group? 
    • Hidden Bay Sports does have a published 12 pc minimum per style on all custom clothing items. Based on this minimum, we set up team stores "free of charge" for our customers. Please contact Hidden Bay Graphics for more information.
  • What products can we offer on our HBS store?​
    • Since HBG owns our web stores, we reserve the right to offer our own products. If you have other related products that HBG does not manufacture , this may be considered. Contact HBG for more details.
  • What is the timeline for setting up a team store and getting finished products shipped?​
    • All team stores are different. If you are a first time customer, the process does take a bit longer. First, we need to set up all the artwork. This process could take 2-3 weeks. Once the art is set, we can go ahead a set up your store. Web stores are normally open between 2-4 weeks. Once the store closes, we batch all orders and produce the products in bulk. Production is normally 5-7 weeks. Overall, the process can take 8-12 weeks , start to finish. Repeat orders can avoid the art set up process. 
  • What's the timeline for getting the team store set up and then for getting our finished apparel?
    • It normally takes just a few days to set up your custom team store once we have approved art for your design.  Your online team store will be set up with a DUE DATE or deadline for orders.  The due date is customarily set about 2 -3 weeks after the time the store opens.  This gives your group members adequate time to order their custom apparel.  At the due date, our staff will close the web store and process all of the orders.  Approximately one week later the apparel will be decorated, bagged and tagged into individual orders.  The orders will be either delivered or shipped to you as the group leader shortly thereafter.      
  • How do you ship the orders once they are complete?​
    • We can send your clothing a couple different ways:
    •  Standard - We send your custom clothing directly to your residence or place of business.
    • Bulk orders - we can pre-pack all orders for your team , package separately by individual athlete which will be packaged in a master pack. Your teammates can come by once the product has been delivered to pick up his or her order.  
Start Your Team Store
  • What is a HBG TeamStore?
    • Hidden Bay Sports was a leader in the custom clothing industry to offer web stores to clubs and teams in 2009. Many team captains struggle with handling all aspects of custom apparel. We take much of the work load off your shoulders. We help design the kits, open the store, take in the money and ship the order to each athlete. 
  • Who is eligible to open a store?
    • Anyone. Hidden Bay has helped hundreds of teams and clubs organize the purchasing of team or club kits. We have also worked with Dealers (resellers) and event promoters.
  • How will my team store look?
    • Check a live store by going to www.hiddenbaysports.com . Click on TEAM STORE on the top bar. Check out our current roster of web store. If by chance there are none active, let us know, we can log you in to a remote site.
  • Is it safe to use my credit card on the Hidden Bay store?
    • Certainly, we have a secured site which is backed up by Starfield Secured Certificate Authority.  The connection is encrypted using RC4_128, with SHA1 for message authentication and RSA as the key exchange mechanism.
  • How long will it take for my order to be produced?
    • Hidden Bay will set all the open/close dates with the team coordinator before the store is opened. A ship date is set once the store is closed. Normally 6-7 weeks from the time the store closes. 
  • Is tax included in the price of my order?​
    • All orders in the state of Wisconsin will pay 5.5% tax unless the customer is a certified reseller. Out of state orders do avoid all sales tax. 
Sports Apparel Guidelines

Convenient Design Options:

  • CUSTOM: If you would like our designers to create a unique look for you, or if you would like to work with an outside designer, our custom program is the best option. If you would like our designers to create your look, we need your team and sponsor logos, in vector format, along with some idea of your desired look. To describe your vision, you could call, e-mail, or send a rough sketch. If you would like to choose specific colors, please see our color list. If you wish to use an outside graphic designer, save time and money by asking your designer to follow our Designer's Guidelines.When you turn in your logos or the work of your outside designer, you will also need to tell us which clothing styles you want to order. When we have this information we will send you a color concept proof of each style via email. At this time you can approve your artwork or ask for changes.
  • SEMI-CUSTOM: If you do not have the time to develop a fully-custom look but still want dynamic graphics personalized with your team logo, our semi-custom program is perfect for you. Simply pick one of our twelve design options, choose your colors, and send us your vector logos, and we will put together a full color layout of your jersey for your approval.

Simple Process:

  • A tentative delivery date is set when you contact us to begin your order. Your final delivery date is not set until we have received your artwork approval, 50% deposit, and complete order information with sizes. Normal production time is 6-8 weeks after you approve the artwork and place your order. In peak season, production time may be slightly longer.

Minimal Art Charges:

  • Art time for preparing your art for production is included in the set-up charges of your order. Art charges are separately assessed at the rate of $75 per hour for time spent converting pixel art to vector art. Art development charges will also be assessed if you require more than one revision to your proof before signing off on your artwork, or for excessive art time.

Ask for Vector Art!

  • Logos should be submitted in VECTOR format, so please request official vector logos from your sponsors. Taking a moment to request official logos in vector format will save you, the customer, both time and money. Vector artwork uses geometric elements like points, lines, and curves to create images. It is different than pixel-based art such as photos which use a collection of dots to make images. Graphic designers build vector art in programs like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Common file extentions for vector art files are .ai, .eps, and .pdf. Logos downloaded directly from web sites are usually low-resolution .jpg, .gif, or .bmp pixel images. These are not usable. If vector are is not available, Hidden Bay can rebuild your logo for an additional fee.

Logo Authorization:

  • The person(s) placing an order for custom or semi-custom apparel that includes another company's name, slogan, or logo is (are) solely responsible for observing the legal rights to use copyrighted material. Hidden Bay Sports will not be held responsible for copyright infringement(s) that may occur. We reserve the right to ask you to produce written permission from the sponsoring company.


  • We have an extensive palette of 48 stock colors for you to choose from in our color list. Note that the number of colors printed affects pricing. Most of our customers use two to four colors on their apparel. You may use white in your artwork without counting it as an ink color, as the fabric's original color is white. The color list is meant to give you an idea of the colors available, but the colors can appear differently on different monitors and printers. When trying to match a color to another object, please refer to the corresponding Pantone® color standard listed next to each color.

Custom Colors:

  • If you require a color which is not a Hidden Bay stock color, we can create a new color for you. There is a $100 fee for this service. Hidden Bay will need a color reference such as a Pantone® number or a previous article of apparel that you would like color-matched. Note that although our best efforts are made to come as close as possible to your chosen color, we cannot guarantee an exact match due to the dyeing process and the fact that the many different fabrics we use take color in different ways.
Ordering and Shipping

Sports Apparel Ordering

  • Call our office at 1-888-433-6229 to go over your initial question. We can give you an idea on lead time and costs over the phone. Or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are located in the central time zone and our office is open Monday through Friday, 8 A.M. -5 P.M.
  • Once you have decided to move forward, we can go over order details and schedule an initial delivery date. This is generally 6 - 8 weeks after the artwork has been approved. Production dates vary and can be as long as 12 - 13 weeks during the peak season of March through July.
  • Send art information to our art dept. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Order sizing samples.
  • 50% deposit is due.
  • Once your team has tried on samples, send in sizing and quantities.
  • Approve the art for your new uniforms; signed copy or written confirmation must be sent back to us before we can proceed.
  • Firm delivery date is set. Now it is all up to us
  • Approximately one week prior to the completion of the order, we will email your final invoice. Product can be shipped once order has been paid in full.
  • Re-orders generally take less time due to the fact that the artwork is already finished. Please call for lead times.

Shipping Policy

  • Domestic Orders -Hidden Bay Graphics has negotiated with the top parcel carriers in order to get our products to our customers on time at the lowest possible cost. At this point, we rely on UPS and FedEx for larger orders and USPS for smaller orders. Being located in the central part of the country, we can ship to most Midwestern states in 1 - 2 days the East and West coasts can take up to 4 - 5 days via ground ship. If customers need product over night or 2 day service, we are happy to quote an approximate price for this service. Only UPS and FedEx offer tracking information at the standard rate. We reserve the right to utilize the carrier of our choice.
  • International Orders - Your order can be be shipped by USPS, UPS or FedEx in a variety of classes and options. Please be aware that we only deliver in methods that offer tracking numbers. Your packages may be subject to import duties, taxes or fees imposed by your own country or the carrier on their behalf. We have no control over these charges and they are assessed when the package arrives in your country. These fees are the recipient's responsibility and are not included in the shipping costs that were quoted and that which you were charged. We do not control these taxes in any way, nor do we receive this money. You will be require to pay for these costs (if any) by your local parcel carrier or customs office. Customs policies vary from country to country. We would suggest you contact your local customs office for more information, if you are concerned.
Sports Apparel FAQ
  •  What sports do you specialize in?
    • Cycling, Triathlon, Running and Nordic Skiing. But, our patterns and fabrics can me modified into whatever you can come up with. Keep in mind if we do develop something new, the customer will be required to pay certain set up charges.
  • Can I find a local retailer to try on your garments?
    • We do sell to local triathlon and cycling shops. Since we produce custom apparel, the local retailer may or may not have items to fit you with. It is best to order a sample kit from Hidden Bay Sports.
  • Do you charge me for the "Sample Sizing Kit"?
    • No, we do not. We do take a credit card number to be used as a security deposit. All garments are to tried on for size only. They are not intended to be worn for any sort of workout. They will need to be returned in good condition.
  • How long does a custom order take?
    • Normally 6-7 weeks once artwork is finalized. Certain times of the year this may be shorter or longer. Please check with our customer service team to establish the current work load. Busy season tends to be from Feb 1st thru the end of August.
  • I need a custom design and am limited in my design ability, how do I get started?
    • Hidden Bay Sports has all the design talent right here. We can work with you to get a great looking kit. Art charges may apply.
  • Where is your product made?
    • We proudly own and operate our facility right here in the USA. A vast majority of our products are designed and produced in America. Please ask your customer service representative for any specific sourcing questions